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The Indonesian National Park

Bukit Tigapuluh National Park

Bukit Tigapuluh National Park comprises an area of 164,000 ha. of which the largest part, formerly known as the Seberida Nature Reserve, is located in Riau province. A smaller part of 33,000 ha., comprising Bukit Besar, is located in Jambi province. Bukit Tigapuluh literally means thirty hills which illustrates the hilly character of the area.

Bukit Tigapuluh is the most important area of remaining lowland forest on Sumatra. Lowland forests are under severe threat from agricultural encroachment as well as plantation and timber enterprises all over Indonesia. Bukit Tigapuluh has had the advantage that the area has been relatively isolated and only inhabitated by the local Malay, Talang, Mamak and Kubu tribes. However, recently large-scale plantation and timber companies have moved into the Riau and Jambi provinces and now approximately two thirds of the park has been logged.

In spite of the above, Bukit Tigapuluh National Park is still a very important enclave for the local plant life, animals and the indigenous tribes. The area has a rich rainforest flora, including 83 western Malesian or Sumatran endemic plants, providing a living area for about 200 bird species and globably threatened species like Sumatran tiger, Elephant and Asian Arowana.


The reserve lies near the city Rengat and is relatively bukit30 easy accessible via the Eastern Sumatran Highway. The main entry point is the town of Rantau Lansat just past the village of Seberida.


There are no official tourist facilities in the area, but it's possible to stay with local people.


Unit Taman Nasional Bukit Tigapuluh
Jl. Gerbang Sari 9
Pematang Reba
Indragiri Hulu
Tel: + 62 0769 341148

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